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French - Miss Constant

Bonne apres-midi year 5! 

WE MADE IT! 6 whole weeks of virtual French- I am so proud of you all, you have adapted so well to this new way of learning and your quality of work has been amazing! :)

This week we are going to conclude working on our French topic 'En Famille.' 

Lots of you emailed me over your sentences using mon, ma and mes for your family members and I was very impressed! Well done year 5 :)

I have attached the same video as the past few weeks to help you along with this weeks task.


This week your task is to incorporate all of what we have learnt so far this term into 5 sentences. This week I am not going to include a sentence example as your sentences can be structured however you would like so long as they include some of our new French possessives/ questions that we have learnt over the past few weeks as well as our new French family vocabulary. I want to see what you have learnt so far throughout this term :) Please also include any other French vocabulary you learnt from last term such as colours, numbers and greetings. 


We are going to carry on with our French/ music alternation so next term we will be moving onto music :)


Once again, it is completely up to you if you would like to email me your sentences, write them on paper and email them to me or just let me know you have completed your work and bring it to me when we eventually return to school. Please could you just email me either way so that I know you have done it. Please could you also let me know what you have enjoyed most about our new topic, it could be just one thing or a few- it's just great to know!

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything please feel free to email me:

I will be in school today so I will be unable to reply, sorry! However, if there is something I really need to speak with you about regarding your work I will be in contact. If not just know that I have seen it and it's great  :)

Have a great half term! Miss Constant x

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