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Dear Curie Class


I would like to say how upset I am at not being able to spend the last few days with you.

These are very difficult times and it is no one’s fault but I would like you to know that I will miss your dearly.

You are such a wonderful class, full of energy, laughter and passion for learning. You are definitely one of my favourite classes ever!

Thank you for making my year so great! Please look after yourselves and enjoy your time at home during your self-isolation period.


Have a wonderful day.


Mrs Gorinheart

My two starts of the week go to Reggie and Angeliyah for the Christian value of Wisdom. Reggie and Angeliyah are both extremely well-behaved and polite. They always try their hardest and set a superb example to other children. Keep up the good work children!

HOPE | Children Worship Song

'HOPE' is our brand new kids worship song.The world is in a crazy place right now. There's lots of worry, confusion, fear and illness. Our heart was to have ...


WALT find out about mountain climates.

Success Criteria

I know that mountains have their own climate because of their high altitude,

I can explain what a typical mountain climate might be like,

I can find out climate data for particular mountains.



Learning About Line Graphs

Please practise line graphs

Use the following link to play a gamewink



WALT use code by following the lessons on

Course C: Lesson 8 ENJOY;-)