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Thursday 9 July



How exciting!  Today is your last Big Write of Year 3 and we would love you to show us all your grammatical skills in action as well as the fabulous new vocabulary you have been introduced to throughout this topic to make your diary entry come alive.


We have written below a suggested start for your diary entry today, but you don't have to use it if you have your own fabulous ideas already.  Remember to write the times in as a sub heading, showing how events took hold!  Use your planning and check list to edit your work to ensure that it is the best diary entry you've ever written so that you can leave Year 3 knowing that you have written your best piece of work (which might be seen by your new Year 4 teacher)! surprise cheeky


Dear Diary


8 am


The XXIV of August began like any other day. I went early to the market in Pompeii town square. I had to buy fish, bread, meat and wine for the family I work for and the air smelled so good with the aromas of the delicious food I could almost taste it!


Suddenly, the wine bottles started rattling and I could hear them clattering together on the stone shelf. This was normal because the chariots regularly dashed around the city travelling towards the theatre for the Gladiator matches. The horses' hooves rumbling through the streets was a familiar sound and so nobody took any notice.