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Wednesday 10th February

Nightingale Class


Please note, that due to unexpected technical issues, I do not have access to my email account this morning and therefore will not be able to read/reply to any emails that are sent until the issue has been fixed. Please continue to send over the children’s work as usual. Thank you. Miss Carr 

Daily flipchart

The Tricky Words Song - Phase 3 Phonics (Part 2)

y as /ee/ - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Phonics activity

Watch: Magic Grandad - 90 Years Ago (Bathtime)

This episode of the BBC Education series explores how life was different before houses were equipped with electricity and plumbing.


Spr1.6.3 - Compare objects to 50

Safer Internet Day - Digiduck's BIG Decision

PE with MR E


Hello Year 1, happy Wednesday.


I hope you are all enjoying the snow as safely as you can. I am uploading the I'm a pupil fitness challenge again today for you to either attempt it or to try and beat your previous score if you have already attempted it. If you got 3 stars in each exercise then try and perform each exercise for as long as you can, record it and send your results back to me with your child's name and class name at


Please also try out the balancing game below which was designed by a pupil in year 6. If balancing and walking/crawling becomes too easy then add obstacles in your way and try to balance whilst moving around them. Don't forget to get permission from your adult before you make an obstacle course in their house.


Have fun and stay safe.


Mr Edwards

Music with Mrs. Lee

Hi kids. Can you believe we are almost at the half term mark! PHEW! I can hear your adults say. You all need a medal for this home schooling. Well Mrs. Lee and the music is here to provide some fun and smiles all roundlaugh


For this lesson you will not need your adult. We are continuing our Music sub theme of  


 Today's song is called brain break which I thought is exactly what you all need after a long term of learning. 

Grab a drink and let's dance.


( click on this please)


Feel free to email me your dance moves or draw me a picture of how this made you feel:) 

Till next term. Enjoy your half term and remember you are making historyheart