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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning, laugh


How are you today? Have you been out for you exercise already? Have to completed the exercise task created by Mr Edwards? I'll ensure to add the link so your adults and siblings can join the fun too! winklaughyes 


I hope you enjoyed reading the story of Icarus yesterday? It's such a good story to use when we are trying to teach others about right from wrong, and fully listen to what others say. Do you the difference between right from wrong? Do you know what morals are? Have you heard the words; a moral compass? Well, today you will be learning about morals, right from wrong and how to make the right choices in life. 


I would like you to read the story of Icarus again, but first, I would like you to read through the Moral Dilemma Guided Learning PP and discuss the dilemmas you may have faced in the past. This will help you while completing the written task. 


I also hope you have been enjoying the maths as much as we've been setting and marking the fantastic pieces we are receiving from you at home. You have all worked extremely well at completing the previous tasks and I hope you enjoy this task just as much. 


Today, you will be exploring and discovering right angles again but this time, how many right angles make a whole?


I look forward to seeing what you produce and how well you have learned and used your knowledge of angles so far.


Please, can I also encourage you to look at the Topic page that will explain what your task is for your project this week.


Good Luck and Stay Safe angel