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Leavers' Book Tasks

Thank you so much to everybody who sent through their profiles and photos last week. We have spent some time going through newspapers and you'll have to wait until you get your copy of the book to see whose work made it in!


The Leavers' Book is nearly finished now and on Friday, we will submit it to the publishers so that it can be printed. In order to do this, we need to have the book ready by Thursday at the latest, so if you have anything still to send us, please ensure that it is in by then. If we haven't received your two photos for your profile, we will use photos that we already have to avoid leaving blank spaces. 


We went through your suggestions for award categories last week and narrowed them down to the final 12, which can be seen below. By Wednesday, please sent us your nomination (i.e. a child's name) to go alongside each category.


1. Funniest person

2. Most hard-working pupil

3. Most likely to become an actor

4 Biggest drama queen

5. Best behaved pupil

6. Most likely to become an athlete

7. Most likely to succeed in business

8. Best hairstyle

9. Most likely to become famous

10. Destined to be a millionaire

11. Most likely to trip on the red carpet

12. Friendliest person


Please fill in the template below and e-mail it to your teacher. Please be aware your vote can go to a child in either class.


We obviously won't be able to have a traditional leavers' assembly this year, so we are hoping to use technology to help us put something together which you can treasure for years to come.


We need you to come up with an idea of something we can put together which will make us smile in the future. Below is a website where you can go and cast your vote. Please choose from one of the following options and only vote once (we have to be fair to everyone).


1. Everyone films themselves dancing to the same song

2. Everyone lip syncs to the same song

3. Everyone recreates one of their baby photos

4. Everyone records a video message wishing their classmates luck

5. Something else (please let us know via e-mail).


Also, if you have any suggestions for songs which suggest moving on, starting a new adventure or saying goodbye, let us know!