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Today is our last lesson on percentages and we are learning how to find the whole when we're given a percentage of an amount. This can be tricky, so please watch the video carefully and have a go at the practice questions during the input as these will help you when it comes to your independent learning.



Please listen carefully to Chapter 8 over the next few days. Friday's reading task will be based on Chapter 9 so it is really important that you have listened before then.


This Chapter is called 'The Announcement'.


I wonder what this will mean for Cameron...


Happy listening!

Video 2

Please write the word 'FORGIVE' or 'FORGIVENESS' down the left hand side of the page in capital letters.


Remember to start each line of your acrostic poem using the relevant letter. Think carefully about what this story teaches us about the importance of forgiving others and how we can encourage people to forgive even when it is difficult to do so. 



This afternoon, we have another video from the people over at Let's Count, which will tell us more about the upcoming census.


2020 will be remembered for many years as the year when the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused a worldwide pandemic. The NHS had to respond quickly to look after those with this new virus. This lesson will look at the NHS and talk about the famous nurses, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.


As with last week, you do not need to do the activities in the video, but instead, send us the answers to these questions:


1. When was the NHS founded?

2. What was the aim of the NHS?

3. If you had lots of money to spend, what new facility would you like to see in your local area and why?


Lesson 2: NHS and the Census