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Today we'll be planning and carrying out an investigation to compare how things move on different surfaces. We will then be giving examples from everyday life, considering which objects move easily on particular surfaces. 


Take a look at a toy car. How can we test which surface it travels the furthest / shortest? How can we carry out this investigation? How can we keep it a fair test? What are your predictions?


We could take a toy car and try to move it along different surfaces to see how far it can travel. You could collect different materials from around your house to test, for example a hand towel, cardboard, tin foil, a book cover, bubble wrap. You may have lots of other materials to test at home. Remember some of the things we'd need to do to make sure the test is fair. 


As before, use the investigation sheet to help with your planning before you begin, recording your results and writing up your conclusions (findings).

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