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Hi ya, Year 3 laugh How are you today? 


I am so excited about today's lesson. I have loved every minute of this story heart I have learned so much about how our actions, wrong or right, can have such an emotional affect on our community and the people around us. It has certainly made me step back and reflect on some of my previous actions. I hope the lessons this week has helped you to also reflect on some of your previous actions, and how you can make different choices from what you have learned.  


This weeks learning has been an emotional rollacoaster because we've had to put ourselves in the characters situation to develop the empathy to help you write a true reflection of your thoughts. We discussed death, children in need, and impossible and scary situations. Some of these discussion can bring on sadness and fear, however, it also teaches you to sympathise and show empathy for other who are less fortunate than yourselves. This will help you to meet the success criteria of the lessons taught.


Please take care smiley  Make sure you take time for yourself while you reflect from this weeks learning. 


Enjoy! laugh

Thursday 11th March 2021 WALT write a letter