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Tuesday 20th July

Hello everybody!


We hope that you are all safe and well today :)


Please find today's activities below.


Task 1

We have put together a collection of each class' baby photos and have emailed this to you separately. See whether you can match each photo to the correct classmate and send us through your guesses. We will reveal the answers tomorrow!


Pankhurst- please send your guesses to

Hawking- please send your guesses to


Task 2

In preparation for the summer holidays (hopefully this sunshine will last!) we we would like you to work through the Water Safety information document attached below. There are activities and key questions for you to consider as you work your way through and lots of useful facts and top tips to help keep you safe around water. Stanley the seal also has some water safety advice for you!


Task 3

Our next transition session focuses on 'What is normal anyway?' Read through the slides carefully, thinking about the key questions and make some notes if you wish.





Water Safety