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Topic- Leavers' Books


This week, you have 3 tasks to complete for our Leavers' Books. Please ensure that all 3 of these tasks are completed and sent to us by Friday.


1. Take 2 photos

To go with your personal profile (English work) we need you to send us a photo of you to go with it. This needs to be head and shoulders and must have a plain background.

We would also like you to send us a funny photo (still head and shoulders) but this time pulling a funny face. Please do not use any filters.


2. Questions for staff profiles

In your Leavers’ Books, there will also be some staff profiles. For these, we would like you to prepare some questions that you would like the staff to answer. For example:

  • What is your favourite subject to teach?
  • What are you most scared of?
  • What is the funniest thing that you’ve ever done?

There is a template attached below for you to use if you wish. We will then collate a final list based on which questions are most popular ready for staff to answer.


3. Categories for Year 6 Awards

To celebrate your time at Bishop Ridley, you will also get the chance to vote for different awards. In the past, these have included categories such as:

  • Most likely to be famous
  • Most likely to become an Olympian

We would like you to come up with 3 suggestions for what these categories could be and we will then collate your favourites ready for you to vote for your winners next week.