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After watching yesterday's videos, you must be getting an idea of how it must have felt to be living in Pompeii in AD79 when Mt. Vesuvius spewed it's deadly lava and ash all over the city of Pompeii!


Today, you are going to watch a timeline of the 2 days that it took from Pompeii to transform from a bustling Roman city to a tomb covered in ash in such a short time period.  


We suggest that you watch the 8 minute video all the way through and then that you watch it through again, pausing it to take notes on what you think you would see, hear, smell, taste and touch if you actually lived through that devastating eruption.  Use the times shown as a guide to the sequence of events and note down what you might be feeling at different points during the passing of time.  Once more you do not need to send these notes to your teacher.


Tomorrow you will be planning a diary entry, taking on the character of a citizen of the Roman city of Pompeii in AD79, but today you are writing down more notes to add to yesterday's so that you have lots of vocabulary to write an exciting diary entry over the next two days.



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