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We are going to continue learning about prime numbers today. You might find it helpful to have yesterday's work with you.


Please watch the video to explain the strategies you can use to work out whether or not a number is prime. Please ignore the part where it asks you to have a go at the first few questions on the worksheet-I have created a slightly different worksheet for you, but still based on the activities in the video. If you have counters or something similar at home, you may find them useful to help you work out some of the answers, particularly for the first Reasoning & Problem Solving question. For the second Reasoning & Problem Solving question, maybe you could have a discussion with a sibling or an adult.


Please complete your worksheet after you have watched the video. Don't forget you can re-watch it if you aren't sure of something.


There is also a challenge at the bottom of the page.

18.11.20 Prime Numbers

Maths challenge