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Monday 20th April

Mr Keep's Challenge!


The Challenge: I’m sure that, like me, you will have been moved by the recent news story of Captain Tom Moore and his fund-raising for NHS Charities Together. My family have found Captain Tom’s endeavours to be an uplifting change to the recent stories which dominate the radio and TV news programs.

If your children are not familiar with the events, you could help them review this BBC page:

Once they are familiar with the background, I would like to challenge them to put together their own original piece of work. Some ideas might include:

  • Writing a letter to Captain Tom (KS1/2)
  • Sending Captain Tom a birthday card to celebrate his 100th birthday (EY/KS1)
  • Writing their own newspaper report about the events (KS2)
  • Planning their own fund raising activity (All)
  • Independently writing some words to describe Captain Tom (EY)
  • Drawing a portrait of Captain Tom and writing the Christian Values which he has shown (All)
  • Creating a biography of his life (KS2)
  • Anything else you would like to do…..