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11th May 2020 - Celebration Worship


Welcome. It's Monday, 11th May 2020.

Good morning, everyone. May the Lord be with you.

We are Bishop Ridley, we are One Community, Learning & Growing Together, Sharing the Love of God.


Our song for today is “Every move I make“ . We had this as a collective worship song a couple of weeks ago and it is a great way to wake yourself up to a new week.

Our Bible passage for today:


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

(Jeremiah 29:11)


Celebration Worship
After the Bank Holiday Friday, we will be celebrating our pupils of the week today.


During this lockdown period, we recognise that each family has different pressures and different abilities to support children with their learning. The Pupils of the Week are chosen by the teachers who understand from their daily emails how things are going for each child. 

Sometimes they select a child to celebrate a particularly impressive piece of work, sometimes to celebrate a child who has shown determination and sometimes to give a boost to a child who might be finding things tough.
Please join us in celebrating our Pupils of the Week


Mrs Scotter’s Pupil of the week is Alfie A.  He has worked hard on lots of activities whilst he has been at home and perseveres when he finds something difficult. It has been a pleasure to see how much he has engaged with home learning. 


This week Mr Nicholls would like to choose Ruby-Ann. Like all of Parks Class, she is working exceptionally hard to persevere with her learning and we are really proud of her.

Mrs Kenway has chosen Oliver M as he does over and above with all of his work and it is always completed. She says that she smiles every day at his enthusiasm for the work that is sent and also the progress that he has made with his writing. Well done, Oliver!

Year 1
Miss Carr has chosen Scarlett for Pupil of the Week. This is for the value of thankfulness. This week she has created a wonderful poster thanking the NHS for their hard work for our Topic task and has written a very thoughtful prayer for RE, thanking God for all the things she is grateful for in His creation.

Mr Murphy says, “As always this is a very hard choice as lots of Cavell class have been putting 100% effort into their work and I could easily pick any of you. This week I would like to give a shout out to a few pieces of work that really cheered me up. I love seeing the photos and videos of your work and in particular the role-play and super kids activities. Jonah, Arthur and Ava your photos really made me proud to see how you are helping at home and Honey your sowing really impressed me. Well done Emilia for reaching your timetables.  Please keep up the excellent work everyone.”

Year 2
Mrs Horlock has nominated Alex for Pupil of the week, saying, “He has really engaged with our Pirate topic this week and took his ‘WANTED’ poster to a whole new level.” She also adds that she found it really difficult this week as there were so many great pieces of work to choose from. 

Mrs Coles has chosen Dhilan G for his amazingly detailed project on famous ships. Well done Dhilan!

Year 3
Mrs Greenhead says, “I'd like to nominate Annabel this week. She has written a lovely piece regarding Pandora's Box; showing empathy and compassion towards Pandora. She has also considered the benefits to the environment by staying home. Very considerate. I nominate Annabel for Pupil of the Week for her compassion and love towards others. This is evidenced through a thoughtful and beautifully written piece on how she feels towards Pandora, after she opened the 'Box'. She has shown a positive attitude towards forgiveness and empathy, as well as, thinking about the environment.”


Miss Smalley says that she had no choice but to choose two Pupils of the Week. Her first pupil of the week will be Ryan for continuing to engage with the set work at this difficult time. Her second is Joseph for demonstrating compassion through his wonderful story.


Year 4
Miss Sears has selected two pupils this week:
Firstly, I would like to choose Grace for Endurance.  Grace always completes all the daily activities and has shown particular determination this week to keep learning about time (and some of it has been really tricky!) as well as keeping up with her reading and Times Tables Rock Stars activities when she can. 
I would also like to choose Archie G this week for Endurance and also Friendship.  Archie has started to challenge himself, particularly with the maths work, which is really pleasing. He also keeps me up to date with the other activities he is doing at home with his family but without fail, always asks how I am in his daily emails, which always puts a smile on my face.


Year 5
Mr Martindale has chosen Connie as his pupil of the week.  Her work has been of a very high quality everyday and she has also been keeping him updated on her activities. Well done, Connie!


Mrs Gorin has chosen Tyler and Lilly for consistency, hard work, perseverance and excellent attitude towards school work.


Year 6
Miss Facey has selected Harry for demonstrating our Christian values of compassion and thankfulness. He's been a superstar in school this week, setting an excellent example to the younger children with his work ethic and lovely manners. Several members of staff have commented on how impressed they have been with the kindness that he has shown towards both the children and staff. Thank you, Harry!

Mr Catchpole has chosen Charl this week for the value of resilience. He always gives his best effort to his work and works hard to complete his corrections where necessary.

Sports and PE
Mr Edwards has chosen Jason (Year 6) and Jack D (Year) who have both been excellent assistants in demonstrating different exercises to the other children when he is in school. Also for teaching some of the younger children how to play basketball at school. 


A prayer for today

Dear God,
We thank you for your creation and the new life we see at spring time.
We ask for your help to show kindness and love to those around us.
We pray that you will guide our country’s leaders to make the right choices at this difficult time.
In Jesus’ name