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Good morning Year 3 smiley


You are going to be creating a Mind Map of the information you have learned about your chosen Gods. Remember, the end result is to write a Greek God Information Card, even adding a, 'Did you know?' fact! Before we can do this, we must chose a God or two wink depending on how much you are going to challenge yourself today. We will then make notes about the information we have found about our chosen Gods. 


Below is an information pack on the Greek Gods. You are welcome to print the information or read it from the screen. Remember, I read the same information cards out loud in a video from yesterday's lesson (Tuesday). However, I was intrigued and excited to learn more about the Gods, so I decided to research each of the Greek Gods and found out so much more about them! 


If you are learning from home, maybe this is something you would like to do? However, if you are in school, maybe you could ask your teacher if they could go to the Library and gather some Ancient Greek information books to help discover more intriguing facts about the Gods.  


Stay safe and enjoy! laugh

Below is a fantastic resources I found on the internet. I typed into the Google Search Engine, 'Greek God information for kids'. The site below contains pictures of each God. Click on the God you wish to learn more about and then the page will open up to information specifically relating to that God. 



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