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To link in with Children’s Mental Health Week, for today’s PE lesson I would like you to take part in the activities and poses in the PowerPoint. We all know that physical activity is great for our bodies, but it can also help to clear your mind too. You may find that yoga isn’t really your thing and that’s ok, but I would like you to be open minded and acknowledge how it might help someone else to relax, clear their mind or do some gentle physical activity. Take some time to focus on how your mind and body are feeling - sometimes it is nice just to be fairly still!


I’d like you to focus on the benefits of each pose which you will find at the top of each page. Can you feel any difference? Are some poses more difficult than others? Why might that be?


Can you create your own pose(s) that could  help you be more mindful? Give your pose a name and tell me the benefits of it - does it stretch your muscles? Does it focus your mind on one part of your body?


Whatever you come up with or do, I just hope your balance is better than mine!