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Wednesday 10th June

Wednesday 10th June


Hi kids, looks like it will be a cosy indoor day today! The brave among you will venture out! 


I realized by now people is getting more tired and resources are depleted. I am adding games and challenges that are easy and fun. 


Name me a...

One person decides on a theme eg. Sea creatures


Take turns to see who can name the most animals. Voila! The winner get's to be served for the day by the others. 


Hide and seek tickle

For this game you don't need any items, just people to play!!:)

One / more hides, and one seeks. 

After 60 seconds you go and look for them. 

When you are found you put your forefingers together and say 'Cut the pickle'. 

Then the seeker says 'Tickle, tickle' and tickles the hider!!

Lots of giggles and fun! 


Give it a go!!


Reading suggestion by JK. Rowling

 Mr Catchpole told me JK. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter books is busy writing a new book. She's been so kind that she decided to post the chapters online for free for all to read (there is currently 22 chapters).  It is called THE ICKABOG. You can also take part in her illustration competition. If your images gets chosen, they will be in her book when it's published! How exciting!!! Type THE IKABOG in google and let her fantasy take you on a lovely journey to Cornucopia. 


Let me know your thoughts on the new story or send me your images. I would love to see them:


Remember to look after yourself, be kind and wash your hands for 20 seconds. 


Be brave and smile:)


High five Bishop Ridley


Mrs. C. Leeheart