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Tuesday 16th June

Morning morning Bishop Rid friendscheeky


Cheers to a lovely sunny day outside. What will this day hold. Can you be the kind in someone's sad? Can you be the sparkle in someone's dull? Why don't you make a decision to change today to a special one. This day will never come around again! Make it memorable. In our house we have a slogan. 'First work and then play.' So make sure you get some work done before you do these fun activities. 


Today's games is super easy but a lot of fun. 

GAME 1. Spoon and small item scoop

Things you will need:laugh

A teaspoon

A bowl

A ping pong ball or a boiled egg or anything small that will fit onto the spoon. Small potatoes could be a good idea(just remember to ask your adults for permission. 


Use the teaspoon to scoop the item from the bowl into another bowl and count who gets the most transferred in one minute! This is a tricky one because you might laugh a lot! 


Have fun and feel free to email me some images!!


GAME nr 2. Macaroni and spaghetti scoop

Things you will need:laugh

Macaroni put out on the table . (about 3 table spoons full.)

10 sticks of spaghetti.


Use the spaghetti (in your mouth) to stick through the macaroni. 

The aim is to see who collects the most in one minute. 


Have fun and remember to be the kindest version of you today.


Bishop Ridley cares about you:)


High five 


Mrs. Leeheart