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Let's give thanks for all we have heart May the Lord be with you laugh Blessings!

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If you have not yet received a reply to your child's work, please accept my apology. I have planning time on Tuesday PM so I am unable to look at any work sent over until Wednesday. 

Good morning, laugh


I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas activities so far? 


Today, you have a few tasks to complete. If you have your activity pack from school you would've noticed some resources that look like they could create a Christmas Tree Card. Picture below. This is one of your tasks for today. I wonder who you'll send your beautifully made card to? Don't forget to write a thoughtful and compassionate message inside. Maybe you can create your own card and send me a picture. 

You also have a maths task to complete - to make a cube (Christmas Present Box) and decorate it. (Net inside pack) 

Your English task is to write the ending of a story about a very mischievous Elf named, Socks. Please see below.


Great News! Reception - Early Years, have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks to create a Christmas Nativity in school for us to watch. However, as you are aware of the restrictions in place for COVID this year, we are unable to watch it together in the school hall so the Reception teachers have very kindly recorded it and uploaded the video for us all to see. We must say a big thank you to the Reception children or adults we see.


After you have completed the tasks set, you are welcome to do to The Reception Class Page (just like you do to see Year 3, this page). The video has been uploaded onto their class page to see. It's about 30 minutes long so make sure you get your snacks ready, draw your curtains or blinds and enjoy the show!




Below is attached the cube net - 1 plain for you to decorate yourself, 1 with patterns and another is a challenge, a Snowman made from several cubes. 


Below is some guided learning to support your story writing today. You can write the ending to the story of Socks the Elf or you can write your own Elf Christmas story.

Have fun! wink