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Captain's orders

Captain’s Orders

Captain’s Orders is the perfect choice for a competitive group of children who want to outdo each other.  It can really test your children's endurance levels and improve their fitness.  The game begins with one person being nominated to be the “Captain” (preferably the adult) and they must give out commands to the crew (children/rest of the family).  


The Captain is limited to a set of commands, which you can alter if you have specific fitness objectives for your children to reach (if your child plays football then add football skills or exercises related to to football etc).  You could use a mixture of fun commands and physically demanding ones, like:

  • Captain’s coming
    The crew must salute the captain and stand at attention
  • Run to starboard/port
    The crew must run to the left (port) or right (starboard) sides of the room and touch the wall.
  • Scrub the deck
    The crew must do 10 pushups
  • Man the lifeboats
    The crew will perform 10 sit-ups while moving their arms like oars

You could have the crew members stand at attention after completing each task, which will make the more competitive people of the family attempt to beat each other.  After a few minutes, change captains so everyone gets a go at being in command as well as a well deserved rest.