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Bonne apres-midi year 3! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are having a fabulous start to the week! 

This week we are going to continue working on our French topic 'Les animaux.' Lots of you emailed me over your extended animal sentences last week and they were brilliant! Well done year 3 :)

I have attached the same video as the previous couple of weeks at the bottom to help you with this topic,

This week we are concentrating on the spellings of each word/animal.

I would like you to pick ten animals of your choice (preferably from the video again) and practice spelling them. I would also like you to draw or include a picture to go with your spellings. It is completely up to you which ten animals you choose. I would suggest writing each animal  five times to really get a grasp on how the word is spelt.

So for example, if I was going to practice writing Dog in French I would write:

Chien, Chien, Chien, Chien, Chien and then include my drawing/ picture of a dog :)

It is completely up to you if you would like to email me your work, write it on paper and email it to me or just let me know you have completed your work and bring it to me when we eventually return to school. Please could you just email me either way so that I know you have done it :)

Once again if you have any questions or are unsure of anything please feel free to email me


Please note, I am in school all week so when emailing me your work please know that unless I need to speak with you about it just know that I've seen it and am happy with it :)

Have a great week! Miss Constant x