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Leavers' Book


Thank you to everyone who submitted work and photos for the Leavers' Book. This is now completed and we can't wait for you all to see the finished product!


Leavers' Activities


Thank you to all who voted for a leavers' activity last week; the poll is now closed, the votes have been counted and verified and we can reveal that, with 54% of the vote, the winning option is:


Everyone recreates a baby photo!


For this to work, please find a suitable baby/ toddler photo and then try to recreate it by wearing similar clothes and re-enacting the pose. Once you've done this, please e-mail us with the baby photo and your recreation photo.


The deadline for this will be Friday 3rd July. Please be aware that by sending the photos, you are agreeing to them being shared in a presentation with the rest of Year 6.


Please also be advised that, unlike photos for the leavers' book, we will not be chasing people for these photos (I know some parents will be relieved to hear that!). We will send a reminder the week before the deadline but if you have not sent us photos by 3rd July, you will not appear in the presentation.


Have fun! :D