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Week 2 11.01.21

This half term our topic is - How many colours in a rainbow?


This week we are reading the book 'How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow'.


Please can you read this story each day.


Topic Challenge - This week we have looked at the story 'How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow'. We would like you to colour/paint/collage/build/bake a rainbow. These could be displayed in your window at home to show support for the NHS if possible. Could you then take a picture, send it to your teacher. We have also upload some rainbow colouring.


How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

Monday 11.01.21

Please can an adult at home read the start of each sentences. Let the child discuss what each answer could be by looking at the pictures next to it. We would like the child to try and sound out and write the following answer for each sentence.

1) sun

2) mad

3) clap

4) red

Tuesday 12.01.21

Today can you look at the different expression the characters make throughout the story. What emotions do you think they are showing? What makes you think that?


You can use the story video to do this or use the document below.

Wednesday 13.01.21


Today please reread the story and discuss the following questions.


What do the sun and clouds make together?

What happens between the Sun and Clouds?

What was lost from the world when the rainbows stopped appearing?

What did the crayons search for?

How many crayons are there in the story?

What do you do when you are mad at someone?

Thursday 14.01.21


Please can you sequence the story. Write numbers underneath the images to order the story.

Friday 15.01.21


Can you retell the story without rereading it?

Reread the story and see what you had forgotten.