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Pupils of the Week 


Hawking - This week I have chosen Jude as my pupil of the week. He has worked hard all term and has demonstrated a really positive attitude towards his home learning. His e-mails are friendly and humorous and I always look forward to receiving his work. Keep up the great effort, Jude! :D


Pankhurst- This week I have chosen Beau-kiki as my pupil of the week for the value of Endurance. Beau-kiki has really impressed me this term with her consistent effort and for persevering when she has found things tricky. She has completed all of her work with a really positive attitude and has worked hard to ensure that her work is always presented beautifully. Fantastic effort, Beau-kiki- well done! :D


Young Authors


Hawking - This term, my Young Author is Ines. Ines' writing is always a pleasure to read and it's clear that she takes her time when completing her work, choosing every word carefully to excite the reader. She always uses a range of punctuation and adapts her grammatical styles carefully to fit the genre of the text. Well done, Ines and keep it up! :D


Pankhurst - The term, my young author is Ava. Ava always works incredibly hard with her writing and ensures that she applies all of the skills that she has learnt during the week to her final piece of work. She chooses her sentence structures carefully and always challenges herself to use advanced and sophisticated vocabulary. I always look forward to reading her work as know that she will have taken great care to proof-read carefully! Thank you, Ava, and keep up the great work! :D



Hello everyone!


For today's English lesson, you will need to go back to yesterday's video and resources. Please skip through to 18 minutes 35 seconds and watch to the end.


Then finish writing your newspaper report and email it to Mr Edwards at: as Mr Catchpole and I are both in school today.


Thank you for your fantastic English work so far this week!





Today we will see what you have learnt throughout your two weeks on algebra! You will log in to and complete the work set on there (thank you to everyone who let us know about the issues with getting on the website last week - hopefully the link works today but if not, then just type the website into a search engine and it should come up).


We have also set up another Times Table Rock Stars battle...Pankhurst are now winning 2-0 and Mr Catchpole is very close to crying in his classroom cupboard. Come on, Hawking - you can do it!


As today is Fresh Air Friday, the competition will only be running until 12:30pm, so make sure you get up nice and early to get your points!


Have fun!



You'll be pleased to hear that we are giving you a break from our voices today!


Find somewhere quiet to relax and enjoy listening to chapter 20 of Pig Heart Boy.


You can find this here.

Fresh Air Friday


This afternoon we are encouraging you to step away from your screens and get some fresh air. You might want to go for a walk or just sit in the garden for a bit. If you are stuck for ideas, have a look at Mr Edwards' suggestions on our Take a Break page.


We hope you have a lovely afternoon looking after your mental health.

Extra Activities


If you are unable to get outside for our Fresh Air Friday, keep yourselves busy with some of the optional activities below. 


You could also use this time to write a prediction about what you think might happen next in Pig Heart Boy or to design a new front cover for the book. Remember to include information about the author and illustrator.