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English work week 7

Monday and Tuesday (18/05 and 19/05)

This week, we would like to be as imaginative as possible and create your own superhero and supervillain. On Monday we would like you to design one of each with some labels thinking about the name, characteristics, costume, gadgets and of course any superpowers they might have? (This can be done on any plain paper).

On Tuesday, we would like you to complete the top secret documents about your superhero and supervillain. Use your design from Monday to write some short sentences describing them.

(If you would prefer to complete the superhero design and secret document on Monday and then the supervillain design and villain top secret document on Tuesday you may.)

There are some word mats to help describe your characters.

Wednesday (20/05/20)

Today we would like you to create a comic book strip (there is a range of different styles attached but it can be designed anyway your child would like you do not need to use the templates). We would like you to add three sentences either underneath your diagrams or at the end to tell us what is/has happened.

Extra challenge -  can you add some onomatopoeia to your comic strip. Look at the powerpoint or alternatively, you could watch some clips of the old batman show. Look at how they show different sounds taking place. (we advise parent supervision while watching it) 

Thursday (21/05/20)

Today we would like you to complete a comprehension activity based on superheroes. Please try either the one or two-star challenge.

Friday (22/05/20)

Today we would like you to write some super sentences. Complete the two/three star worksheet focusing on your capital letters and full stops.