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Wednesday 31st March

Daily flipchart


Walt for this week: Establish sequence of actions and skills which have a clear beginning, middle and end. 


Success criteria:

* I can follow basic sequence in dance.

* I can recognize what the beginning, middle and end moves of the song was.

* I can show my moves to my class mates.


This week children will get the chance to perform a dance of their choice in groups. They will create a name and possibly a slogan (depending on time). We will revise the songs we have learned during lockdown and some of the ones after. We will use a wide open space for them to come up with their own dances(with a beginning, middle and end) and perform this to the class mates. We will ask for positive comments and possible recommendations for their dances. 

This brings our Dancing topic to an end. Next term we will be starting ICT in the computer suite! Yay!!