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We are going to be using what we have learnt earlier in the week about tally charts to help us draw a bar chart. We have experienced drawing a few bar charts in Year 3 so far, but please watch and engage with the video and then complete the activity.


It's a bit different today. You will need a dice (see interactive dice link if you do not have one at home), a ruler, a sharp pencil and maybe a rubber. The video will explain more, so please watch, but what we'd like you to do today is to complete 30 dice rolls, recording which number to roll in a tally chart. So you will need to:


1. Draw a tally chart to show the numbers 1-6.

2. Roll the dice 30 times, each time recording the number rolled as a tally mark in your chart.

3. Write a total for each tally in the Total column.

4. Using a ruler and sharp pencil, draw and present your totals in a bar chart. Squared paper is attached if you would like to use it for accuracy. Don't forget to include a title, a scale, labelled axes and clear bars


Have fun!

Spr3.6.2 - Draw bar charts activity

Times Tables Rock Stars

Next Friday, we have organised a Rock Stars Battle Year 3 v Year 4! So between now and next Friday, please try to practice your times tables as much as you can, so that you are ready to battle!