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PE - Mr Edwards


The sport you are learning this half term is the fun and exciting team game of handball. When we come back we are going to continue to play games of handball and learn the skills that are associated with the game. However, before we can do that we need to make sure everyone knows the rules of the game.


Below is an Olympic women's handball game from 2012. Please watch the game, learning the rules of the game whilst you watch and look at some of the skills you will need to master in order to play the game. The video is over an hour long but I am not expecting you to watch all of it, maybe just 30 minutes of the video. Once you have watched the video I would like you to design a poster explaining the rules of handball (you can use other websites to find out some of the rules if need to) that can be used for the PE display board. 


Below are two more videos. One of a fun game called Head, Shoulders, Knees and Cone, which you have played before. The second is of a circuit I did in the summer. Please complete the circuit twice either one after the other or twice throughout the day. Exercise releases different chemicals in your brain that can cause you to be happy, be in a better mood and have a more positive attitude. Therefore, over the next week please complete the circuit twice a day, or complete any other form of exercise daily throughout the week.


For any ideas on games or circuits then please visit Mr E's PE on YouTube.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing your posters as well as any form of exercise you have been doing throughout the week. Please email them to



Mr Edwards