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Welcome to Nursery

 Dear Carle class and parents. 

Thank you for all of your support this year and for all of your hard work during these very strange times. 

I feel very sad  for not having been in school to say goodbye personally but I wish you all a safe and happy summer and look forward to seeing you in school next year.

Best wishes Mrs Scotter x


Carle Class 2020


Washing hands and runny nose,

Dough disco and catch and throws

Learning colours, A B C

Sharing toys and 1 2 3

Happy smiles, hugs and giggles

Singing, dancing, ‘lose those wiggles’

Building blocks and dress up clothes

Learning how an insect grows

The time this year has really flown

Like caterpillars you have grown

So off you go now, spread your wings

Look forward to learning brand new things

But just remember as you do

We are so very proud of you.


Good luck for the next part of your learning journey

We will miss you all very much

Love from Mrs Scotter, Mrs Hale, Mrs Mason Rogers, and Mrs Lee x



                                      'Team work makes the dream work!'

Our Hall Of Fame

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We hope you are all well and enjoying your days with your kids. We can't believe how the time has flown and they will be in Reception when they next return to school. How exciting!!

Just a note to let you know all personal belongings, spare clothes, work from display boards and end of term gifts will be passed on to the children's new teachers for distribution in September. Thank you for all the lovely learning and images you've emailed so far. The kids have had some really unique and memorable learning take place at home. Mrs. Scotter's arm is still in a cast until the end of July, please think of her in your prayers. 

Please send any queries or emails to me at


Look after yourself.

Mrs. C Lee