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Welcome to Nursery

Our topic this term is:

’Is it shiny?’


The Children have returned keen and ready for the new term. They are now settled into their routine and we can already see the progress they have made since September. 


Throughout our current topic 'Is It Shiny?' we will be developing our speaking and listening skills by exploring space, shooting stars, planets, Fireworks Night, Remembrance Day and the Christmas Story. 


We will continue to develop our gross motor skills by using the scooters, climbing frames and bikes, and our fine motor skills through various ‘Funky Fingers’ activities such as Tap Tap, threading, painting and using tools such as scissors, tweezers, paint brushes and mark making tools. 

We will be exploring different materials and techniques and using them to make some exciting creations!


Please see our weekly class newsletter so that you can share your child's learning journey. 




Look at some of the things we have been learning!