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Well done for all of the impressive work you did yesterday with speech punctuation. Today we are going to be looking at Chapter 2 of Stig of the Dump, 'Digging with Stig', We are going to be looking for examples of speech, inverted commas and other speech punctuation in the first part of the chapter (it's quite long, so I'll put the second half of the chapter on tomorrow for you to listen to). Please pause the video, when you need to, to look for speech within the pages and to copy it down accurately on a piece of paper. Don't forget to include all of the speech punctuation we have been learning about. You don't need to write all of the examples down, but please try your best to find and copy down what you can. 


I've included a pdf document of the passage are reading, if you want to print and highlight the speech, but this is optional.

Wednesday 3rd February - Identifying Speech