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Thursday 4th June

Good morning smiley


Today, you are going to PLAN your letter to King Minos as Theseus, after his escape.

What things might you want him to know (eg, how you escaped; what happened to his daughter and about the death of your father)?


Alternatively, you can write another letter to Theseus from Ariadne (Read her first letter to him as you continue to read on).

What might she write to him (she felt betrayed, she loved him and had risked the wrath of her father and he abandoned her on Naxos)? broken heart


You are only going to PLAN what you want to include in your letter and who you are writing the letter to; ready for Big Write tomorrow. 


But BEFORE then, I have a warm up task for you. I have uploaded a letter to King Minos from King Aegeus. The letter has quite a few mistakes so I ask that you read the letter thoroughly and see if you can spot the mistakes, and then write the letter again correctly. Remember to use your best handwriting. wink


I have also uploaded some useful videos and materials as a guide to support your home learning. 



A letter from Ariadne to Theseus

Melvin & Steven - Letters - BBC

BBC Bitesize English language Design and animation of a series of educational videos. Initially for the BBC Bitesize website, all animations were created at full HD in After Effects. I was supplied with the audio recordings and designed and animated the characters and all other aspects of the animation to fit.

How to Write an Informal Letter?

Learn how to write informal letter for SPM Section A in just 2 minutes. Credit BGM: Song Title: Upbeat Ukulele by Morninglightmusic

These are the steps to success you will need to include in your letter to ensure you have shown enough understanding to meet the learning intention. 


Good Luck! laugh