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Spr3.2.4 - Divide 2-digits by 1 digit (2)

This is "Spr3.2.4 - Divide 2-digits by 1 digit (2)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Today, you are going to be creating a Prehistoric Timeline. I have made a video for today's lesson. It will be uploaded shortly. For now, I would like you to watch the video of 'Prehistory', and start taking down notes to help you while creating a Timeline of the Stone Age. Remember, the Stone Age is spread over 3 million years and in split into 3 periods, the Paleolithic Period, the Mesolithic Period, and the Neolithic Period. Each based on the degree of sophistication in the fashion and use of tools.


Your Timeline will stretch over three periods. Each period must contain the date, BC of course, a brief summary of about the setting, for example, living arrangements, eating habits, tools, etc. The timeline can also contain pictures, in fact, I expect some pictures to hep the readers get a grasp of what each settlement looked like. Take your time and make a rough design first. An example has been uploaded underneath the videos. 


As well as the 'Timeline Prehistoric' video, I have added a print off Timeline, one A4 Just Stone Age (1 page) the other, Timeline up the Romans A4 ( 5 pages). There is also a blank time line you may wish to use and add the information to or create your own. Furthermore, I have upload Timeline Event order cards for you to print off if you wish and make a practical timeline, maybe with resources from around the house, bath robe, string, stones from the garden...?

Good Luck and Enjoy laugh

Tuesday 12th ENGLISH New video

Prehistory | Educational Video for Kids

Can you imagine living in prehistoric times?😲 Let's have a look at how our ancestors used to live!👉SUBSCRIBE TO HAPPY LEARNING!


Bonne apres-midi year 3! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week! 

This week we are going to continue working on our French topic 'Les animaux.' Lots of you emailed me last week to tell me what you was looking forward to learning about the most this term which was lovely to read :)

I have attached the same video as last week at the bottom to help you with this topic,

This week I would like you to pick five animals of your choice (preferably from the video) and make these into sentences. I would also like you to include any words that you may remember such as colours, numbers or greetings from our previous French topic ' J'apprends Le Francais.'

So for example, if I was going to write a sentence about my dog I could write:

My Chien is called Bonzo. He has marron and blanc fur and is trois years old. :)

It is completely up to you if you would like to email me your sentences, write them on paper and email them to me or just let me know you have completed your work and bring it to me when we eventually return to school. Please could you just email me either way so that I know you have done it :)

Once again if you have any questions or are unsure of anything please feel free to email me


I will be working from home again this week so I will respond as soon as possible :)

Have a great week! Miss Constant x

PE with MR E


Hello Year 3, I hope you all had a good week last week and weekend and doing your best to keep yourself healthy and active. Please check out the Take a Break page if you need any ideas to keep active and if you come up with your own games then please email them over so I can share with the rest of the school.

Pirate Ship game

Try to master the football skills from last week. If we were in school we would be going over the previous lesson to make sure we can perform the skills. If you are having to do this indoors then please ask permission from your adult first. Have fun



Try this fun activity to improve your football striking skill. The document below shows children using a racket to hit balls into a target. Please could you use your feet to hit a ball, rolled up socks, rolled up paper or loo roll into a target (as shown on the document). This game can really help with your hand eye co-ordination as well as the techniques used to strike a ball. Use either the side of your foot or the front of your foot (your laces) to strike your "ball".


Please ask permission from your adult if you play this game indoors and if you need to used anything other than a ball.