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Good morning, 


How are you today? laugh I hope you've enjoyed learning about the story of Theseus and Minotaur? 


This week we will be learning about letter writing; how to write a letter. You will get the chance to write a letter as one of the characters from the story. But before then, I'd like which you to think about the language you will use, formal or informal? Today, you are going to practise speaking and writing formally and informally. I have set out a number of tasks I would like you to think about before writing a letter. 


1. Watch the videos below 

2. Complete the 4 activities set out.

3. Read examples of letter writing, 


Tomorrow, you will be asked to read more examples and plan your own letter, think about the character you'll be and what you want your letter will be focused on. More on that tomorrow. 


Big Write: You will be asked to write a letter as one of the characters for you Big Write task on Friday so make sure to listen and practise as much as you can until then. 


Have a great day smiley