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Thursday 30th April

Thursday Today!


Did anyone do anything kind for someone else?laugh Did you help your adults with dishes or tidying up? Well done! We are all in this together and needs all hands on deck while we make history together. yes


Today I thought we could use recycled toilet toll tubes to make something with. If you don't have the correct colour paper you can always colour paper and then cut it to the size you need. 


Let's do this!


You paint the toilet roll any colour you prefer and then decorate. This is simply and idea. You can use your lovely imagination to create this with the items you have at home. Email me your creations please. I would love to see what you've been up to. 
SUPERHERO!!! You are all superhero's for staying at home! Keep it up!



For the mermaids you can use bits of cut up wrapping paper, news paper, magazine clippings or anything you have in your house! ENJOY this! winkThere is no rules, you are the creator. After you created these you can use them as finger puppets. You and your family can even create a story and write it down. Exciting.surprise


Please email your creations to

Have a fabulous rest of the week 


Keep safe and be kind


Bishop Ridley cares for everyoneheart