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Welcome to Year One 2020-21

Music with Mrs Lee- 6th January 2021


Hi Children.

I hope you had a marvellous start to this new year! It is good timing to spend indoors with the ice wind outside. 


Today we are learning about the difference between beat and rhythm. This activity is designed for you to watch and learn without adult support. Please remember to ask your adult for permission to watch this video. Everything will be explained to you. There is no activity to complete after this (They do have an activity for you to try at the end. You do not need to print this just choose heart or drum). 


Now you can choose your favourite Nursery rhyme and see if you can hear the beat and the rhythm. 


Listen and enjoy because I will be in school today.

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Hello to the previous Parks and Hargreaves classes and welcome to your new classes in Year One!!

Miss Carr and Mrs Kenway are very excited to be providing your tasks for this week and cannot wait until you are finally able to be with us in September.

This week we will be asking you to complete a task each day which you will need to save to bring into school with you in September.  We shall then be able to display these in your new classrooms and allow you to see yours and your friends work!!

Your work has been set out with a task for each day but it is up to you how you choose to access these across your week.  When you have completed each task then please remember to save it and keep it somewhere safe ready to deliver to school with you on your first (official) day in Year One!


If your child was previously in Hargreaves Class and they attend Mrs Kenway's 'bubble group' on a Monday or Tuesday, they will not need to complete the tasks for Monday or Wednesday at home!!  We will be doing those at school.  Please just do Tuesday and Thursday's activities. Thank you smiley

If you do have any questions about the tasks set this week then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Kenway or Miss Carr on the above emails and we shall endeavour to answer any queries as soon as we are able to.  We will both be in school on Monday and Tuesday so will be unable to respond to messages on these days.