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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

This term our topic is Memory Box. This week, we did our own portraits and numbered books with how old and new they are. We have read Goldilocks and the three bears; they are real teddies and they look really pretty! There are real photos of them!

Dinosaur   planet is our topic this half term

These are some facts we have found about dinosars


Sharp pointy and huge                                                          


Carnivore and ate lots of meat


12 metres long tall and tiny arms 


Walks on back legs runs fast creeps up on animals


Huge creature with sharp teeth and giant head                                                        


5-7 tonnes

Our topic this term is enchanted woodlands. We have designed the windows and doors of fairy houses!

We have done hot seating and learned the gruffalo story and written some sentences.

We also looked at rhyming words.

On our school trip we visited Oxleas woods we collected twigs, leaves and moss.

In science we have been learning how trees keep their leaves and lose their leaves.

In R.E we like writing about God and Jesus.

We enjoy doing phonics and learning different sounds so we can write more.

We have made different pictures one of them being plants using our hands and finger painting.

We have learnt all about tree boggarts.

We all like doing mindful colouring of woodland creatures colouring each part a different colour.

Also we have drawn a map of the orchard for Mr Keep.

On a Friday we can do artwork at lunchtime with some helpers.

We have also learnt about different trees.

We have learnt the story of the hungry caterpillar and we have been painting some flowers. We have done our showing assembly already. In our showing assembly we have made some pompom owls and some furry hamster toys. In maths we counted coins with a 10p signs on coins. 10s up to 90. In English we learnt about nightingale.


This term in Cornerstones, Year 1 have been studying the topic of The Enchanted Woodland. They have been learning about the various types of plants that grow in this environment and have investigated the similarities and differences between them. They have also been considering the animals that live there and the habitats they live in.


The children also got the opportunity to undertake lots of creative tasks where they made the following:


*hand and finger print plant pots

*pom-pom owls

*bird masks

*fairy houses

*leaf rubbings

*bark rubbings

*bird feeders

*tree boggarts

*poppy plants



During the topic, the children visited Oxleas Woods to gain inspiration for their writing and collect various woodland objects such as leaves, twigs and moss to make their fairy houses.

As part of our Enchanted Woodland theme the children were visited by the Wiggly Wild Show. They were shown all sorts of different animals; ranging from insects to reptiles and even some small mammals. As well as looking at the animals they had a chance to touch and hold many of them and hear all about the habitats that they would normally been found in. As you can see the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This half term our Cornerstones theme is called Dinosaur Planet. To help the children in both their writing and their afternoon topic lessons a visit to the Natural History Museum was needed. The students had the chance to explore different areas of the museum that focused on both dinosaurs and fossils from different time periods.