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English Work Week 4

Day 16

Create a fact file about Edith Cavell. Read through the use the information in the PowerPoint to create a fact file using full sentences where appropriate.   

Day 17

Write a description of Edith Cavell. Tell me what type of person you think Edith Cavell is; give examples of things she has done to explain your description. You may need to use the presentation from yesterday.


Day 18

Imagine you're Edith Cavell, write a diary entry for working a day in the hospital. There is a Edith Cavell daily activities that can help give ideas. Include how you feel and a range of time connectives (first, after ect) and conjunctions (and, so and or) in your writing.

Day 19

Today we would like you to pretend that you are Edith Cavell and act out some different scenarios. We would love to see some picture or videos of your performance.


Day 20 (01.05.20)

The prefix un.