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Monday 18th

Spr3.3.3 - Scaling

This is "Spr3.3.3 - Scaling" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Today, is Big Write day. This is the day that you will be writing your 'Information Fact File on the Stone Age'. As I mentioned on Friday, your notes had been brilliant, and you had shown a lot of understanding when writing non-fiction text. Well done! 


Extension: Optional sentence writing. 

These are your spelling for Friday. We had a lot of positive feed back from you, stating how you enjoyed finding the meaning to the spelling and writing them into sentences to support your learning. After you have completed your Big Write, you are welcome to continue to improve your knowledge in writing by choosing 5 spelling that you would like to include in your writing. 

Year 3 Spellings

Suffix: -ly (added to adjectives to form adverbs)


Amusingly                 finally

Anxiously                  proudly

Beautifully                 quietly

Brightly                     sadly

Certainly                   unfortunately

Completely                 usually


Please learn these spellings for a test on Friday 22nd January.


English Big Write Monday 18th January 2021

 Did you remind your adult to buy your resources needed for today's lesson? 

Topic - Art Stone Carving 


Over the next 4 – 5 weeks, you will be creating a various range of Stone Age Art. For example, Stone Age tools, weapons and jewellery. Last week, you created some wonderful Cave Paintings. This week, we will be trying to create Art from stone crafting/carving. Remember, this is how people from prehistory told their stories. A glimpse into the unknown. Therefore, when you think about your art today, think about what story your art will tell.


I have uploaded a Prehistory video on Stone Age Art and how they created the colours needed from natural resources in the earth. I thought you might like to try to create these colours with an adult at home.  

Topic Art 18 01 21 Stone Carving

Living in the Stone Age: Making Stone Age Art

The Living in the Stone Age team create a piece of artwork on deerskin using natural pigments made from charcoal, chalk and ochre.