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Today, you will continue to learn about equivalent fractions. I sometimes find equivalent fractions a little worrying but as shown as you learn the 'rule' you should be fine. 


Below is a video recapping what an equivalent fractions are and how you can recognise the equivalent fraction that is the same as another. 


Below this video is another called, Mr Morrissey's Problem of the Week. This week is Equivalent Fractions Lesson 2. 

I would like you watch the whole video, it is 13 minutes long but Mr Morrissey will help you work out what the 'rule' is while working with equivalent fractions. 


I have also provided a Guided Learning Powerpoint and worksheets to consolidate your learning of equivalent fractions. 


Have fun!

Equivalent fractions equal to a half

In this video we use concrete resources (fraction circles and fraction cubes) to find fractions equivalent to a half. This is the first of 2 videos on equiva...

Mr Morrissey's Problem of the Week. Year 3 lesson 2: equivalent fractions - what's the rule??

In this lesson, we continue to explore equivalent fractions. By finding lots of examples and searching for patterns, can YOU discover a rule for making them?...