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Wednesday 15th July

Wednesday 15th July


Welcome to day 3! We hope that you are enjoying the tasks for this week so far.


Today we are looking forward to putting some of your names to faces. Although we have met lots of you before, we are going to see if we can learn all of your names by September using the work that you complete for us today. We are very competitive so try to make sure that your work looks like you as much as possible!


We would like you to create your own self portrait for us to put on display in September. Please read the following information carefully:

- Your portrait needs to be A4 size of your head and shoulders.

- As our first topic is 'Hola Mexico', you are welcome to give your portrait a summer/ party background.

- Remember to use a pencil so that you can rub out and make changes easily.

- It would be lovely if you could colour in your portrait but please ensure that you use coloured pencils and not pen.

- Please sign your portrait down in the bottom right hand corner for when it goes on display.


We have attached two resources below to help you with this. There is a video which you may want to watch, which you can pause as you draw,  as well as a set of written instructions with examples for you to follow.  



How To Draw A Self Portrait

Follow along with this tutorial and learn how to draw your very own self portrait!