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Wednesday 22nd April


This week we are continuing with our grammar focus and today we are going to look at conjunctions that join clauses together.  Let's start by reminding ourselves that a clause is a group of words that contain a subject and a verb, for example:

The dog can bark.   The subject is the dog  and the verb is bark


Conjunctions are joining words that link together parts of a sentence. The three main coordinating conjunctions are 'and', 'but' and 'or' but there are other conjunctions. They can be used to join together two clauses in a sentence. However, the clauses need to make sense on their own.  Before you look at the teaching powerpoint and choose which worksheet you would like to work on, click on the link to the short video.





Today we are going to look at am and pm times and we will be able to see how analogue times (which we have been working with using a clock face) can also be shown as a digital time.  Take a look at the powerpoint and then see which worksheet you think you can do.  Good luck!