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Spr3.1.1 - Consolidate 2 4 and 8 times-tables


Today is the day to create your Water Safety Instruction Poster, Leaflet or List. 

Use the notes and draft work from yesterday to make your FINAL instructions for today. If you need to remind yourself of any instruction, you are welcome to look at yesterday's video and Power Points to refresh your memory.


I am looking forward to seeing your work and displaying the safety instructions. 


Here are some examples to help you think of more ideas and designs for your instructions.



Can you remember what we have been learning about in Science? Today we are going to be completing an investigation about bones. What do you think happens to bones as you go from being a baby to an adult? How could we test if your prediction is correct? Have a look through the attached flipchart and see if you are right. How could we keep our test fair? I have included some measurements for a child in Reception, Year 6 and an adult. Could you find a tape measure at home and see if you can take the same measurements for yourself to go in the Year 3 boxes? 


Then we are going to put all of the information in different bar charts to see if our predictions were correct. Remember to use a ruler for straight lines for the bars. What did you find out? How did you keep your test fair?


Have fun!

As you are not in school today, I have provided the measurements of a Reception child and a Year 6 child. We only need the measurements of a Year 3 child and an adult. 


So, you will need a tape measure to take the following measurements:


  • Arm length from shoulder to wrist
  • Head circumference 
  • Height.


If you do not have a tape measure at home, then you could try using a piece of string and use a ruler to measure the string afterwards.


Record your findings in a simple table, and then use the squared paper to draw 3 different bar charts to show your findings.


What do you notice happens to the length of bones as you get older?





Arm length

Reception child - 31cm

Year 6 child - 43cm


Head Circumference

Reception child - 50cm

Year 6 child - 56cm



Reception child - 108cm

Year 6 child - 137cm