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Thursday 21st January

MATHS: Correspondence problems

Today we are thinking about possibility! Watch the video carefully to learn what methods can be used to find out how many possibilities there might be to solve correspondence problems. You will also see how using multiplication and division facts link (correspond) to finding the solution to possibility problems quickly!

English - slogans

Please listen to the next two chapters - Demon Dentist by David Walliams (Chapter 25 and 26)

Part 13 of our bedtime story... (all of the others are available on the Youtube channel)


Lesson 2

Please watch all 3 videos before doing today's work sheet (the link to the Leprosy Mission is optional if you want to find out more about them and the wonderful things they do to help those that still suffer from this disease today).

Dipak's story

Dipak, from Nepal, has been undergoing treatment at Anandaban Hospital on a clawed hand resulting from leprosy. Find out how his life is being transformed by...

Nepal volunteer trip

In April 2014 a group of young adults spent two weeks in Nepal, immersing themselves in the work of The Leprosy Mission at Anandaban Hospital and helping out...