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Good morning!  We made it to Friday! 


Today we are going to write a letter for our 'Big Write'. 


Using your plans from yesterday, you have the choice of two types of letter.  You can either…


  • Write a formal letter from Theseus to King Minos after his escape.


  • Write an informal letter from Ariadne to Theseus after he abandoned her. 


You can refer back to the story using the Power Point or videos from earlier in the week if you need to remind yourself of the story.



Concentrate on the events in the story that would be important to that character, or that they would want to mention to the person they are writing to.  Think about their emotions, feelings and reactions to what has happened to them.  What do you think they would want to say to that person? As the character, make sure that you write in the first person, eg, I, me, my, I've, us. Think about your amazing vocabulary (adjectives and adverbs) and sentence openers.  How can you impress us with your description and WOW words?  Don’t forget the features of a letter!  We will be looking for good use of punctuation and grammar and ensuring the writing makes sense - Check! Check! Check!


Remember, Big Write should be YOUR ideas and writing to show off everything you have learned so far; parents get to have some time off while you write your diary entry.  Give yourself about 40-45 minutes of quiet independent writing time as you would have in class.  This should be hand written as one of the success criteria is handwriting so make sure you focus on presentation as well.


I have attached the success criteria both in a word document and as an image below so that you can reference it as you need to.  Good luck and we look forward to reading your amazing letters!  smiley


Diana class remember to email Mrs Mason today.