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Gold star for anyone who manages to spot the typo- sorry!


Today we are learning to put fractions, decimals and percentages in ascending or descending order. This is going to require us to be able to convert between the three groups, so if you didn't do yesterday's work, go back and watch the video before attempting the work today.

Computing - Miss Constant


Good Afternoon Year 6! I hope you are all having a great week so far!

This week in computing we will be continuing to learn about animation. I understand that most of you were able to access the PowerPoint and download scratch onto your devices last week- great! :)

I have attached a new PowerPoint I would like you to go through and have a go at completing this week which explains, in a little more depth, how to create your animations and how to broadcast messages. Please feel free to use last week's PowerPoint again if you would like to get a little more familiar with the programme first :)


Please could you email me to let me know that you have been able to access the PowerPoint presentation attached underneath and that you have been able to use scratch using the email address above.


Please also email me if you have any questions or difficulties regarding this week's lesson :)


Have a great Thursday everybody!

Miss Constant x

PE with Mr E


Try these fun activities to help improve your basketball shooting skills as well as your fitness at the same time.


Good luck, have fun and if you have any questions or want to show me your progress then please email me at

Try this fun memory game. Print off the two sheets of paper and cut out the squares.  If you can't print the sheets, please write the activities out. Place the cards face down, pick one of the cards and then pick another. If the two cards match then perform the exercise on the cards, if they don't face them back down and pick again. 

Around the World Circuit

Try this fun basketball game with a twist. Add some sprints or any other form of fitness exercise to keep you fit and healthy whilst trying to improve your basketball shooting. If you need to perform this game inside then please get permission from your adult first.