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This afternoon we are going to look at some Greek pottery as it was very important at the time to show scenes of everyday life, the Olympics and some of the Greek myths and gods that we have been learning about. Please look at the Powerpoints below, noticing what the pictures tell us about the Greeks, the patterns that were popular and the colours used in the designs. 


We are going to be creating our own Greek vases and decorated plates for a lovely display at school. We will be drawing around a template of a vase onto black sugar paper at school, before cutting and sticking our story scenes drawn on orange paper. We will then add some of the popular Greek patterns to our designs. If you are unable to complete this at home, please don't worry. You can print or draw an outline of a Greek vase and add your design. Perhaps you'd like to add a scene from 'Theseus and the Minotaur' or 'Icarus and Daedalus'. 


We will then be using a paper plate to create another pattern or scene on. If you are unable to complete this on a paper plate then please just draw a circle as an outline of a plate. Finally, there is a  Greek vase jigsaw that you might like to try. 

Ancient Greek Vases

Greek Art