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Friday 26th February

Good morning Year 3 laugh Resources needed for next week! Take a look. 


I hope you are well and enjoying your day so far? 

Just a quick note for resources needed for next weeks Topic lesson. 


We will be watching a video about an ancient story called, Theseus and the Minotaur. This is the story that we will be learning about next week. 

One of the settings in the story takes place in giant maze, that is home to a mean mythical creatures called, the Minotaur. We will be creating the maze from the story. You are welcome to draw the maze (2D) or you could spend sometime during the week learning more about the maze and create a 3D maze out of recycling materials, string, pipe cleaners, the list is endless when you start being creative. 


Have a lovely and relaxing weekend laugh

Diana Class

Pupils of the Week - all of the children who have regularly been in school during this remote learning period. We thank you for your hard work and your Christian Value of Endurance. We cannot wait to all be back together again soon!


Storywriting Competition - thank you for all of your entries to the competition. It was a hard decision that took a long time to make! But we have chosen Neo. Miss Facey will be in touch later today to find out which book you would like to choose as your prize - so get thinking! 🤔

Shepherd class

Pupil of the week - Nitin for the Christian value of endurance. Nitin always takes pride in the work that he produces and takes on board the feed forward comments. His enthusiasm with the topics is wonderful and he is including a lot of the skills that have been taught. Keep up the good work Nitin.


Shepherd class - Story winner.

Thank you for all the excellent entries to the story writing competition. It was a very difficult decision to make and you should all be proud of your work. The winner is Marcus. Very well done. Miss Facey will be in touch later today to find out which book you would like to chose.