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Wednesday 11th June

Hihi Kids


It's Wednesday!!!


In our family we love Minute to win it games! They are fast and super funny to do with others!! 


You will need:

*A pair of chop stix each. If you don't have chop stix you can use two long pencils. 

*A bowl of cereal, or lego pieces, or beads or anything fairly small you have lying around the house. 

*A timer/clock to time 1min. 

*A container for each person to put their items in.




Once one minute is over you count everyone's and the one with the most is the winner!!!


I hope you give this a try as this is so much fun!!


If any of you come across a great game that you and your family would like to share with us please email me at:


Have a marvellous day!


Bishop Ridley cares for you allheart