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Tuesday 19th May

Morning Bishop Ridley children

Welcome to another glorious day


It's Mrs Lee here.


This week is Mental Health Awareness week with the main focus on being KIND!!!!

Very important in this current situation we are all in. wink


It's Tuesday!laugh Time flies when you are having fun! Just four more days and then you can rest your minds a bit! 

Today I would like to show you a Kindness calendar that you can use this week and throughout the half term. I will also add a easy 3 ingredient recipe and a lovely paper plate basket you can use to give away your cookies. 







Easy fold paper basket

Sugar Cookie recipe with only 3 ingredients

Cookie Ingredients:

100 grams plus 2 tbsp, salted butter

70 grams sugar

120 grams plain flour

sprinkles (optional)



1.  Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius

Use an electric mixer to cream the sugar and butter, whipping the two until the butter is almost white and the mixture is light and fluffy.


2.  Then stir in the flour. 


3.  Roll the cookies into a ball(as big as ping pong ball) placing them about 4 fingers apart on a baking sheet or pan. If using sprinkles flatten cookies into a disc shape (circle) and top with sprinkles. 


4. Bake for 15 to 17 min or until the edges are lightly golden. 


Ready to eat or give away! 


Kindness calendar coming soon :)


May your day be as special as you

Bishop Ridley Cares for allheart