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Monday 11th January

Good morning Year 4! We hope that you had a lovely weekend. 


*** Curie Class - Please send your work to Mrs Ellis today to review. ***

MATHS: Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (1)

Today you will see how using counters, block ten and numberlines have helped us understand short multiplication (the column method) which you will be doing today. Enjoy!


In today's SPAG lesson, we'll be learning about everyone's favourite punctuation mark - the apostrophe! Please watch the teaching video below, look through the Powerpoint attachment, then choose one (or more if you wish) of the worksheets to complete. I've tried to squeeze everything onto one page so, instead of printing and writing on the sheet, I'd really like you to try and write your answers down on some paper so that we can see your super-neat handwriting. 

I have also added a couple of links to the BBC Bitesize page which has some more examples and some games to play. Good luck!


11th January Recognising Apostrophes

French with Mrs. Lee


Morning Children. wink

I hope you had a great weekend:)

This term we will be doing FRENCH and we will finish each Monday afternoon by watching a video from the Institute of Science Christmas Lectures about our wonderful home: PLANET EARTH - A Users Guide (we recommend you watch 30 mins per Monday afternoon from today until half term, but it is really up to you how and when you watch them).  The videos are informative and there is no written work to accompany them - you might need to confirm that your household have a TV Licence to watch them (they are on the BBC iplayer, if so, please ask your adult to help you gain access to the video).



We are starting to learn that some words are masculine and some are feminine.  

Please click on the link and work through this at your own pace. Making sure you concentrate on the content of this new grammar rule.


At the end of the lesson there is a nice quiz with 5 Questions to test your knowledge.

Please write the 5 sentences down on paper and email that to me with your score out of 5. 


Let's do it! You can! I look forward to see how you got on learning some new French grammarcheeky

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